Application for registration of school

Under the Education Ordinance (Chapter 279 of the Laws of Hong Kong), every school should observe the Education Ordinance and the Education Regulations when applications for registration of schools.

Definition of school
According to the Education Ordinance, “school” means an institution, organization or establishment which provides for 20 or more persons during any one day or eight or more persons at any one time, any nursery, kindergarten, primary, secondary or post secondary education or any other educational course by any means, including correspondence delivered by hand or through the postal services.

Application for registration of school
According to the Education Ordinance, an application for registration of a school shall be made to the Permanent Secretary for Education (the Permanent Secretary) in the specified form and accompanied by the documents specified in such form. If the school is to be operated in or in any part of any premises which are not designed and constructed for the purposes of a school, additional documents should be provided.
Government Department which relatedto application for registration of school
-Education Bureau
-Planning Department
-Lands Department
-Fire Services Department
-Building Department / Housing Department
-Department of Health