Scope of Service and Fee

Cheung Man School LicenceConsultant Company

  • Expertise in design fire engineering for school / education centre, drawing layout plan, handling letters and relevant documents.
  • Our company employed many experts which include Authorized Persons, Structural Engineer, Ventilation System Engineer, Registered Plumber, Registered Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in order to provide one-stop high quality service to customer. Also, we expert in provide fire service of installation, building fire safety improvement, annual maintenance and repair.
Application for Education Bureau issued the schoollicence(According to EducationOrdinance of 279Fof provisional school registration certificate)
Our service includes handlingfor submit documents, drawings (Classroom, Fire Escape, Toilet Proportion and etc. ), application forms, correspondence and communicate with different government departments until issue the provisional of school registration.
Categories School /Tutorial Center / Education Center
1,500 Square feet or below $22,000
1,501-3,000 Square feet $24,000
3,001-6,000 Square feet $28,000
6,001-10,000 Square feet $32,000
10,001 Square feet or abov Negotiable


Categories Kindergarten/ Child Care Centre
5,000 Square feet or below $45,000
5,001-10,000 Square feet $55,000
10,001-15,000 Square feet $65,000
15,001-20,000 Square feet $75,000
20,001 Square feet or above Negotiable

The above prices are per each licence


* The price will be provide later when the school licenceis involved layout plans submit by Authorized Persons, installation of fire and air-conditioning ventilation system, Building Department approval layout plans , water and electrical installation and decoration.

*Our company provide service of certify the building products which sign by Registered Structural Engineers and other Authorized Persons such as fire resisting door set and fire resisting partition wall and report of loading calculations.

*The price will be provide later when involve Alterations and Additions Works (A&A Works)