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How to Register an Education Centre / Tutorial Centre?

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According to Education Ordinance (Cap 279 of the Laws of Hong Kong), school registration must get approval from difference department, (Total 7 departments, such as Planning, Building, Fire Service Department, etc.)

If receive any objection from the above departments the application will be revoke.

It is too waste time and money for the applicant. Therefore, we suggest that they better to get advised from the consultant company of school licence before they lease the premise for school purpose.



  • Customer should choose premises which fall within a land use zone, under which school use would not require planning permission from the Town Planning Board.
  • Customer should ensure the site and the premises are suitable for school use under the government lease, outline zoning plan and the design and layout of the premises should comply with the fundamental building safety requirements before engaging into any tenancy agreement or fitting out works.
  • Customer should ensure the ceiling of every classroom shall not be less than 2.75 m above the floor level of such classroom.
  • Customer should ensure a minimum of two exits with sufficient width for any room or storey which can accommodate more than 30 persons.
  • Customer should consult an authorized person when there are alterations and additional works involving the structure, means of escape and fire resisting constructions of the premises to be carried out. (Our company provides the above service, welcome to inquiry)
  • Customer should consult an authorized person to ascertain the suitability of and the existence of unauthorized building works in private premises to be used for school purpose if there is no record of the building in the Buildings Department.
  • Customer should appoint an appropriate class of registered Fire Service Installation Contractor(s) to carry out the works of installation/alteration/addition of fire service installations and equipment.
  • Customer shouldensure that the school has adequate provision of separate toilets as required for pupils of each sex.


  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises situated in purely residential buildings.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises situated in industrial buildings, warehouses, cinemas or premises whereby the undertakings therein may endanger the lives or safety of pupils.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises with inadequate means of escape.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises situated at a height of 30 m above ground level.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises with unauthorized building works.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises situated on a floor with different occupancies served by unauthorized internal corridors with inadequate fire resisting protection.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose private premises without any record in the Buildings Department unless its suitability and the non-existence of unauthorized building works have been confirmed by an authorized person.
  • Customer shouldn’t commence school operation before obtaining provisional registration.


Detail refer to the website of Education Bureau (http://www.edb.gov.hk ) or contact us please:

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