Introduction of Company

Cheung Man Fire Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd

The founder of Cheung Man Fire Engineering Consultant Co., Ltd is Mr. Cheung Man who engaged in fire industry more than three decades therefore he is very familiar with the fire engineering.
In additions, our company employed many experts in order to provide high quality service to customers. No matter what type of the fire engineering and maintenance, we are loyalto serve all customers. Besides, we are the registered FSI Contractors (Class I, II and III), Minor Works Contractor, Electrical Contractor and registered Class I License of Plumber.
We have a maturity and perfect management structure and our staffs has professional knowledge and dedicated work attitude therefore we obtained a lot of respect and support from our customers since our company established. Our mission is emphasized on commitment and credit with our customers. Providing high quality and professional consultant service to customers. Also we commit put the speed, quality, good service attitude and cost of each project at the first and we will offer a fair and reasonable price to each customer.

We are recognized contractors by the government:

Hong Kong Fire Services Department approved registered Fire Service Installation Contractors
Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department approved registered Electrical Contractor
Hong Kong Buildings Department approved registered Minor Works Contractor

Subsidiary Bodies -Cheung Man (Holdings)Co., Ltd.:

Hong Kong Estate Agents Authority accredited registrars Estate Agent Company