Scope of Our Service:

Our company employed many experts which include Authorized Persons, Structural Engineer, Ventilation System Engineer, Registered Plumber, Registered Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in order to provide one-stop high quality service to customer. We expert in provide fire service of installation, building fire safety improvement, annual maintenance and repair. Also, we are good at design of fire equipment engineering for different industries such as school, hotel, restaurant, club, warehouse, canteen and handle licencedocuments, communication with government departments and design layout plan.

Various types of fire works:

* Exit Sign Box

* Emergency Light

* Fire Sprinkler System

* Building Fire Water Vat System

* Flame Retardants

* Fire Timber door / Glass Door

* Fire Shutter

* Portable Fire Extinguisher (e.g. Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher & W/Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher & Co2Gas Type Fire Extinguisher & etc. )

* Fire Water Supply System

* Fire Hydrant/ Hose Reel System

* Fire Alarm System (Fire Alarm Bell & Break glass Unit )

* Audio/Visual Advisory System

* Fire Control Panel

* Annual Maintenance and Repair for all Fire Equipments