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  • Customer should choose premises which are designated to be used for restaurant business under the occupation permit and the Government Lease.
  • Customer should choose premises in which there are no unauthorized building works by cross reference to the approved building plan.
  • Customer should choose premises with net floor areas preferably not less than 30m sq and 20m sq respectively for a general restaurant and a light refreshment restaurant.
  • Customer should choose premises on floors with adequate loading capacity.
  • Customer should choose premises with adequate means of escape.
  • Customer should choose premises with mains water supply, flush toilets and a proper drainage system.
  • Customer should choose premises capable of providing an independent and separate ventilating system to the kitchen, toilets and seating accommodation.
  • Customer should prepare three copies of layout plans and air-conditioning / ventilation layout plans of the proposed premises drawn to scale (of not less than 1:100) and in metric units for submission together with your application to the appropriate licensing office.
  • Customer should according to the relevant requirements in respect of drainage, air pollution and noise control as stipulated in the relevant ordinances.
  • Customer should appoint an authorized person or registered structural engineer where extensive alteration and additional works are to be carried out or if you are unfamiliar with any of the foregoing requirements.



  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises at industrial buildings.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose the upper floors of any premises which are designed for domestic use.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises at level four of a basement or below.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises in areas designated for emergency use.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises located vertically below, therefore posing a fire hazard to, a registered school, child care centre or elderly home.
  • Customer shouldn’t choose premises on the upper floors of single staircase buildings.
  • Customer shouldn’t plan to use the areas where manholes or soil, waste and rain water pipes are situated as kitchens, food preparation rooms and sculleries.
  • Customer shouldn’t start renovating or decorating your premises before your application has been cleared by the Application Vetting Panel.
  • Customer shouldn’t revise the proposed layout plans unnecessarily after your application has been cleared by the Applicatoin Vetting Panel. Revision will cause delay in the processing of your application.
  • Customer shouldn’t commence business before a licence is obtained from the Licensing Authority.
  • Customer shouldn’t ignore the requirements imposed by other Government departments including the Buildings Department, the Fire Department, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and the Environmental Protection Department notwithstanding that a licence has been granted by the Licensing Authority.


Detail refer to the website of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department ( http://www.fehd.gov.hk ) or contact us please:

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