Scope of Our Service and Charge

  • Our company employed many experts which include Authorization Person, Structural Engineer, Ventilation System Engineer, Registered Plumber, Registered Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in order to provide a series of service network for various type customers. We provide all types of catering license’s application.
  • Our service include design layout plan (design of kitchen, bar, washing room, toilet proportion), prepare application forms, correspondence and communicate with different government departments.
  • Handling fee for apply liquor license will charge HK$5,500 which include submit layout plan to BD by Registered Structural Engineer. We will provide quotation when involved in FSD, Ventilation System, BD’s approval plan, Environmental Protection Department (EPD), gas, water and electricity engineering service.
Application for licence issued by Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Reference prices are list below

Size/ Typeof licence


Snack Shop

Food Factory

Fresh Food

1,000 Square feet or below





1,000-2,000 Square feet





2,000-4,000 Square feet





4,000-5,000 Square feet





5,000-7,000 Square feet




7,000-9,000 Square feet




9,000-11,000 Square feet




11,000 Square feet or above